Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy (Belated) Birthday!!!

I just got inspired (yes, just a little late) to sit down and write a letter to Jagger for his 3rd birthday.

Note to self: you can rotate pictures, but not video. Oh well. Now we know.

It's so incredibly hard to believe you are already 3 but it is harder to believe that you haven't been a part of our lives forever. You are really such a beautiful, wonderful child with a personality that warms everyone's heart. Your smile in contagious and boy do you wear it everywhere you go. Soft and gentle- no, not hardly, but funny and thoughtful- certainly. A perfect example of how thoughtful you are- we sit down for dinner as a family almost every night (and while tonight isn't the perfect example because we actually told you to get up if you were going to whine all the way through dinner) and we always catch up on the day's events. Since a couple of weeks ago, you've made it a habit to ask "how was your day at work, mom?" It was that sincere and that cute when you first said it and it makes me smile each and every time you ask me. Sometimes you're just plain funny too - and there's not a bit of sweetness- like at Grandma's birthday dinner- we were sitting around as a family and you turned to me (in the middle of an oddly silent moment) and asked, "Mommy, are your boobies growing up?" (if you could only remember the days of your infancy, you would clearly know it's quite the opposite).

While these moments are funny and make us laugh, it's the moments I can steal in the early morning and late at night when I fight the growing up. When I come in to get you in the morning, you let me hold you like a baby. You lay in my arms and suck on your blankie and look into my eyes as I rock all 35 lbs of you. And the moments late at night when I delay going downstairs to clean up after you and I snuggle in with you. These are the moments that I just love. The other day you told me that you love snuggling with me- you actually said it was your "favorite." (I'm sure I said that at some point because clearly his blankie is his favorite) I love this also because it's just you and me. You have favored your daddy for quite a while but you know this is our thing. It's like you know your daddy isn't a big snuggler (although B is clearly winning him over in this department) and that he certainly won't hold you like a baby, so you let me. The two of you can make truck ramps later.

And a dose of reality too- you're not an angel. You're a bear to your sister (it's a wonder she loves to get you out of bed every morning- if I were here I would run in the opposite direction) and your car sounds are getting on our last NERVE. But you overcompensate with cuteness and we love you for it.

Thanks for being such a happy kid - you deserved a very happy birthday.

And remember, your sister is the boss and sometimes she is gonna want to sit in your chair. Get used to it!

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Bonnie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I hope big things happen for you this year! :)